Are you sick of your glasses steaming up?

So are we, so we've been testing some different ways to stop our glasses steaming up.

With us all having to wear face coverings at present it can be somewhat annoying when your glasses steam up! Well we have great news, we can now supply Anti-Fog cleaning cloths and also the new Gemini Anti-Fog lenses.

  • The Gemini lenses still have the same high quality reflection free as our Diamond lenses, complete with an 18 month no scratch guarantee, but now have the added bonus of anti fog. This means that in certain circumstances they will steam up a little, but they clear very quickly. Great news for anyone who has to wear a mask or face covering most of the day (and also good news for all the bakers and chefs out there for when you open an oven door!)
  • The Anti-Fog cloths are great if you don't need to change your glasses right now, and work on all lenses. They are great for people who only need to wear a face covering when they pop to the shops. Again they will stem up a little, but will clear quickly.

Having tested both options the Gemini Anti-Fog lens is the clear winner with the Anti-Fog cloths being a really good second. Take a look at the test videos below.


So, to get your glasses with Gemini Anti Fog, or to reserve a cloth, give us a call and book an appointment (let us know if you need an eye examination too!) and you could soon be enjoying the benefits of Fog Free glasses!

Gemini Anti Fog


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