Dutz Eyewear Event

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Join us on Wednesday 6th September when we will be hosting the entire Dutz Eyewear collection!

We'll also have our friendly Dutz ambassador, Duncan, on hand to show case the best that Dutz have to offer and to answer any questions you may have about Dutz or any specific frames. He'll also be bringing some extra eyewear treats for us all to view, (Vanni and RES/REI), try and buy if we like them!

And what is even better there will be exclusive discounts available on all these eyewear collections through the day!

Here's a little video we did earlier this year to show some of the new season Dutz that had arrived.

Dutz Eyewear

Dutz eyewear comes to us straight form the Netherlands, and you can tell. 

The designs are colourful, fun and interesting - all the hallmarks of handmade Dutch eyewear brands.

For our clients who love quirky shape and colour then these are definitely the right frames for you. 

If you are more of a classic eyewear style personality (you can take our style personality test on the day to find out), Dutz still manage to mix classic shapes and looks with a little extra colour to give a modern lift.



A selection of the latest season of Dutz eyewear

Vanni Eyewear

Vanni is exceptionally beautiful hand made Italian eyewear. They specialise in the most amazing acetate colours. Many eyewear brands will buy the same acetate sheets to make their frames but Vanni produce their own exclusive acetate colours and blends which makes their frames stand out and truly exclusive.

Find out more about Vanni by clicking here.


Vanni model Dama

RES/REI Eyewear

RES/REI are also hand made in Italy. There is so much attention to detail that go into creating a RES/REI frame that the quality is second to none.

They also have a manifesto setting out the core values and inspiration behind their collections. Here is the opening part;

"RES / REI finds inspiration in our roots. Res Rei means "The Thing" in Latin. RES / REI is an existing, material object, but also a concept, an idea. It is the set of things that create the reality that surrounds us, in all its forms."

View more of the RES/REI collection by clicking here.


RES/REI model Foxtrot



Find your Eyewear Style

 During the event our team will be available to guide you through finding your new glasses using our unique eyewear style consultation. These will only be available by appointment so please call the team and book yours so you don't miss out.


Enter The Prize Draw

And to say thank you for joining us you'll be entered into a prize draw to win a meal for 2 at our neighbour Bell's fish and chip restaurant. There'll also be treats and plenty of drinks available through the day.

Call us now on 0191 3843452 to book your appointment to come to our Dutz Eyewear Event!




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