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 Join us for our Morel Eyewear event on Friday 22nd March in Durham!


Join us on Friday 22nd March when we will be hosting the entire Morel Eyewear collection!

We'll also have our friendly Morel ambassador, Steven, on hand to show case the best that Morel has to offer and to answer any questions you may have about Morel or any specific frames. He'll also be bringing some extra eyewear treats for us all to see (Kaleos), and try and buy if we like them!

And what is even better there will be exclusive discounts available on all these eyewear collections through the day!


Morel Eyewear

Welcome to a world of French style, sophistication and quality; Morel eyewear.

Morel eyewear dates back to 1880 when Jules Morel, a farmer in the Jura region of France, started making eye glasses frames in the autumn and winter. His love of making frames grew into a full time passion and Morel was born.

Morel is still a family business, now in the fourth generation.

It is currently run by 3 siblings Francis, Jérôme and Amélie Morel. Each brings their own design ideas to produce a range that includes petite frames, incredibly light frames and innovation like their screwless hinge. Morel frames are still made in France using different materials such as wood, aluminium, titanium and cotton based acetate producing exceptional quality.

To find out more about Morel's history click here.

Morel model 1880 Valerien

Morel model Wodso 1

All about Style

Morel eyewear's heritage certainly shows. It has evolved over time with each subsequent generation at the helm. 

For our clients who love shape and colour then these are definitely the right frames for you. 

If you are more of a classic eyewear style personality (you can take our style personality test on the day to find out), Morel still manage to mix classic shapes and looks with a little extra colour to give a modern lift.




Morel model Rubis 2

Something for Everyone

Each part of Morel offers something different for the wearer.

The whole collection is made up of different capsules that cater for different clients.

If you love the old classic look then the 1880 capsule is for you. Based on some of the original designs back from when Jules Morel made his first glasses frames they are a true bit of eyewear style history.

If you love natural beauty and chic French style then the feminine Koali capsule is for you.

If you are a design focussed then look no further than the gents Oga collection.

If are fed up with heavy frames and want the lightest glasses possible then have a look at the Lightec capsule collection.

If you have trouble finding glasses that fit you and don't want to have to choose children's frames then Morel's petite range will be for you.

If you want functional yet quality glasses without too much fuss or colour then the classic  Marius range is just for you (named after Marius Morel, the second generation).

Whatever your style personality Morel have got you covered!

Morel model Malba 2

Morel model Lisa 2

Petite Frames

Morel understand that not every face is the same size and shape. 

Unfortunately the smaller more petite clients can sometimes get forgotten about by the frame manufacturers. Not with Morel. They produce an amazing range of XS (extra small) frames for both ladies and gents.

And the great thing is just as much design design work goes into the petite models, they aren't just smaller versions of the classic size designs.

Morel model Tallinn

They don't forget about the guys!

Many of the gents frames in the Oga (Swedish for eye) capsule take their inspiration from Swedish architecture after Jérôme spent time there studying.

They were the first Morel capsule to have their innovative screwless hinge design, which is now present through most of the Morel range. 

They use a mix of materials to produce amazing eyewear!

Morel model Hallvik


Each generation of the Morel family have been forward thinking - if they hadn't they wouldn't be the eyewear brand they are today.

The current generation have embraced the idea of collaboration and have partnered with word famous French architect Jean Nouvel to produce a capsule collection featuring clean and simple lines combined with a beautiful elegance.

More Morel with Jean Nouvel can be found here.


Morel model J Nouvel 5

An extra treat! Kaleos Eyewear

Kaleos is a Spanish luxury eyewear brand that focusses on the bold and beautiful in glasses frames.

Kaleos reinvents the concept of contemporary glasses, combining design, fashion and luxury.

Fashion, innovation and quality are the values that inspire and guide Kaleos, but it is the brand’s creative structure that makes it stand out and ensures its success.

Every six months, creative director Claudia Brotons, performs a creative and logistical miracle by bringing a new collection of surprising, eclectic designs to the market, setting trends and transcending preconceived notions of style. Top quality pieces with complex constructions, each one takes over a year and a half to complete. Unique glasses that combine contemporary taste with functionality; assembled and moulded by hand.

Since 2013, Kaleos has single-handedly redefined glasses as an accessory thanks to its unbeatable level of quality and meticulous attention to detail.


You can find out more about Kaleos by clicking here.

Kaleos model Reggiani



Find your Eyewear Style

During the event our team will be available to guide you through finding your new glasses using our unique eyewear style consultation. These will only be available by appointment so please call the team and book yours so you don't miss out.


Enter The Prize Draw

And to say thank you for joining us you'll be entered into a prize draw to win a meal for 2 at our neighbour Bell's fish and chip restaurant. There'll also be treats and plenty of drinks available through the day.

Call us now on 0191 3843452 to book your appointment to come to our Morel Eyewear Event!




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