An Imaging Case Study

22 September 2022

This week is National Eye Health Week, and we thought, we'll share this case history with you.

These images highlight how amazing the latest technology in eyecare really is. If you watch the video you'll see real images taken here in our Durham practice.

The first set of images show a macula hole due to traction from the shrinking vitreous gel.
So, what does that mean? The jelly part of the eye has shrunk and pulled up the part of the retina that does the fine detailed vision which resulted in very poor central vision.

The second set of images show how the eye is now after some fantastic surgery from the amazing team at the Sunderland Eye Infirmary.

The result is the vision is back to a normal level.

Without using this technology we wouldn't have been able to see this to make the diagnosis and get the swift treatment required.

These images are shared with kind permission from the patient who felt it is important to show what we can now see using our equipment here at The Village Optician and to encourage people to have these tests done.

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