BlackFin has arrived!

14 August 2020

Back in January we enjoyed our trip to London to find new frames to bring back north. We discovered a range of amazing frames produced by BlackFin. For the last 30 years they have been making eyewear in the shadow of the Dolomites in Italy using the purest medical grade Japanese titanium. This means they are light, strong and hypoallergenic.

We were looking forward to our new eyewear arriving and then Coronavirus hit and Italy went into lockdown, then we went into lockdown! At long last they have arrived, and they were certainly worth waiting for. The styles are fantastic and the colour and colour combinations are amazing. Each piece is hand sprayed with 15 coats of the finest paint available (it's the same paint used by Ferrari!). 

As usual I had already picked mine out and even got my name laser engraved in the side. We sold one last week, the client who bought it loved it the moment she tried it on. She also liked the fact that she had beaten me to it and was the first person in Durham to be wearing a BlackFin frame.

I must be quicker off the mark next time!

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