Introducing the amazing Götti eyewear titanium collection

22 October 2020

Those of you who know us well, know that we love a good pair of glasses frames here at Village Optician, and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the Götti titanium range.

We’d had our eye (pardon the pun) on them for a while and the time had come with our expansion into our new Durham practice to get them in. And they are so cool!

Of course I got myself a pair ordered up straight away and they are so light I really can forget I’ve got them on.

We always love to hear the back story of the brands that we stock – what makes them so different and unique but the coronavirus meant that the UK ambassador for Götti (the fantastic Suzie, suzie_gotti_uk for those on Instagram) couldn’t come and see us! We had to embrace the tech and have one of our first Zoom training sessions. It was a bit strange to have 4 of us all in the same building but sat in different rooms all talking together.

It was great to find out all about an Swiss Optometrist called Sven Götti and why the brand actually exists, where he went looking in the world for the craftspeople to make what he wanted and how they have been working together now for more than 30 years. Have a look at the video to discover what we learnt.

One thing that I must say about the Götti titanium range after wearing them myself – they look great and are so comfortable to wear (OK that’s 2 things!) I highly recommend you come and check them out!

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