Who doesn't love a mince pie?

21 December 2022

Well, it's already Christmas again! The terribly predictive Christmas films are on (In my house anyway, I think it's time for some classics now, if my wife is reading this), the trees are up, the lights are flashing, we've eaten more than our fair share of mince pies (who doesn't love a mince pie?) and we've had our traditional staff Christmas curry night. 

This year seems to have flown over again, and now I've got a cup of tea and a mince pie in hand it's time for a little reflection before we look ahead to all the exciting things we have lined up for 2023!

2022 has seen more new and updated frame ranges, we had a fantastic trip to London in April to source new eyewear to bring back for you, our wonderful clients! Someone recently asked me what my stand-out frames from this year would be, my answer was, "it would have to be the Tree range - such bold yet simple styles from Itay, but no, the new Götti frames are beautiful, and the new Art collection from JVG is stunning, but wait, no my new Carbon Wood frames from JF Rey are amazing, and so comfortable". So, in other words I struggled to answer. Each eyewear range we have has it's own personality and merits, I just can't honestly pick my favourites!

This year has also seen us host our first Eyewear Style Colour event. This was a chance to showcase the whole of the JVG (Johann Von Goisern) range and it was a great success. I have to thank everyone involved (and that includes all of you who attended) for making it so special. And we hope that our prize draw winner enjoyed her fish and chips and her new glasses!

From the clinical side of things, we now have Optomap scanners in 3 branches and OCT scanning in 2. This has unbelievably changed the eyecare we can provide. These extra tests have already made a huge difference to many of our clients' eye health, helping with earlier diagnosis, treatment and in a few cases saving sight. This has lead us to start our Eyecare Plan, which has already been very well received by many clients who have signed up to gain the benefits. (If you want to know more about the scans and the eyecare plan you can find information here for Optomap, here for OCT and here for Eyecare Plan).

There is so much to look forward to in 2023, more trips to international shows to choose eyewear, more Eyewear Style events in planning, more technology to help us look after your eyes, and more people who are happy and comfortable in their glasses!

So, all it remains for me to say is we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!




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